AKB48 Rounds Up Their Nissin Ad Campaign with Personal Videos (and Noodles)

AKB48 fanboys will be wetting themselves over Nissin Co.’s newest cup noodles.

The company is creating a special type of cup noodles that will let the eater experience being “fu-fu-ed” (basically, having their noodles blown on to be cooled down) by all 83 members and trainees of AKB48.

The experience will come via a QR code on specially marked normal, curry, seafood, and chilli tomato flavoured Nissin noodles. Don’t get your hopes too high, though! The post on AKB48wrapup.com wasn’t quite clear, but we understand each QR code will contain one minute-long video of an individual member. These videos were filmed with no scripts, so it’ll be quite a breath of fresh air to see these heavily-directed girls being themselves for once. AKB48wrapup.com reports that:

Each video contains a footage where AKB members are doing what they think funny or may please fans, plus their Fu-Fu, which means in the video they are blowing your noodles to make it edible.

One member draws a portrait, imagining a face of fans on the other side of the screen, one member holds virtual handshake event, one member demonstrates her secret recipe to enhance your Cup Noodle experience, adding sesame oil, Natto and mustard to the noodle. After finished noodles, she then put rice into a soup to make Risotto. There’s even a member who is singing her original song for Cup Noodle for whole the time.

These noodles will go on sale in Japan on Feb 25 2013, and will cost just 170 yen. Will any of you AKB48 fans be importing all the noodles…?


[Photos: AKB48wrapup.com, Google]