AKB48 Goes To Prison

Cute girl pop groups are taking over the world!

According to Tokyo Hive, Japanese musical act AKB48 will be producing the third installment of their “action-packed school drama” featuring members of their group.

In a plot reminiscent of Battle Royale’s, the story of Majisuka Gakuen 3 opens in a privately run prison for juvenile delinquents called Prison HOPE or Majisuka Prison. The girls who are incarcerated here are divided into different groups. However, instead of undergoing therapy, they pit themselves against each other in battle arenas on a daily basis.

The previous two seasons revolved around the Majisuka School, which is clearly a more forgiving environment than a prison. It also could afford to show much more of the girls’ legs, since everyone knows Japanese girls only wear skirts to school. In Season 3, the girls are clad in prison khakis.

Personally, I’m more interested in seeing how these song-and-dance girls hold up in more violent fights.


(Photos & Source: Tokyo Hive)