AFA '12: Pokémon Merchandise List Released

We’ve just received word on what’s going to be sold at the Pokémon booth at Anime Festival Asia later this week, and boy… we think all you Pokéfans are going to be in for a treat!

You already know that there’s going to be an array of merch straight from the Pokécentre. But what exactly will be there? Squeal in excitement as you peruse the list below –

  1. Pokémomo range, featuring Pokémon illustrations by Japanese illustrator Okada Momo.
  2. Pokémon Conquest range
  3. Pokémon Mate range, featuring the human characters in the Pokémon series.

Like the first Pika Pika Carnival, a Pikachu mascot will also be making appearances thrice daily at the booth, at 11am, 2pm, and 5pm. Free photo sessions will be available during these designated timings.

There will also be a motion capture game that allows players to catch a Pokémon for just $5 a pop. The Pokémon TRETTA arcade game will be available for play as well, at $2 per game.

The Pokémon booth will be located at Anime Festival Asia 2012 Booth A36, Singapore Expo Hall 7.