A Different Way To Date

Diablo III. Diablo III. Diablo III. If you have a gamer for a significant other, chances are you’ve been hearing this game mentioned more times than your name.

Last weekend, AsiaSoft gave local Diablo players a chance to have their friends and girlfriends experience the world of Sanctuary for themselves (without sharing accounts, too!).

Over 800 people participated in the ‘Date with Diablo’ event, which saw teams of two traversing the cathedral in old Tristram to rescue Deckard Cain. The successful rescue of the old man saw these heroes rewarded with not just cupcakes, but lifestyle prizes such as a two-night stay in a 5-star hotel, and tickets to a Cirque du Soleil circus.

“We wanted to introduce Diablo III to a wider audience, especially the non-gaming crowds,” explained Ian Purnomo, the manager of Marketing Communications in Asiasoft.

And judging from the smiles of the couples we saw leaving Asiasoft’s corner of Funan’s atrium, we think they succeeded.