20% Less Cool: MLP Fighting Game Gets Leaked

Some overexcited game tester for indie fighting game “MLP: Fighting is Magic” has leaked the working pre-release alpha build to the Internet, forcing the developer to halt and terminate internal testing.

The Mane6 Development Team, assuming they cannot pinpoint who exactly was the bad seeder, will be picking up new people for their quality assurance themselves as they have lost all trust of potential applicants. Recovering from the bad experience, Mane6 has stated that the game will continue its development and is not stopping anyone from getting their hooves on the working alpha for themselves, just don’t expect any support from them.

MLP: Fighting is Magic is, of course, the 2D fighting fangame involving the characters from the latest My Little Pony series, built from the ground up, graphics, animation, music and all, by unpaid volunteers. As with most projects involving the Friendship is Magic franchise, IP holder Hasbro is likely to not stop this game in its tracks. MLP: Fighting is Magic is “coming soon” with the promise of free.