WWDC And E3: Where To Watch What

Tonight is the Tech Geeks’ week of the year with Apple kicking off their Worldwide Developers Conference and the gaming bigwigs at this year’s E3. Here’s what to look out for, when to look out and, if applicable, where.

Current Singapore Time

Microsoft at E3 | 12mn Tuesday Local Time
What to expect: Microsoft will likely focus their might on fending off the angry gamers and showing off more games for their new Xbox One console, perhaps confirmation on the final details including the price of the over-the-top TV box.
Where to watch: On Xbox.com or through your Xbox 360 console.

apple_wwdc13 Apple at WWDC | 1am Tuesday Local Time
What to expect: Pick your sides, because Apple has their own presser in San Francisco where they’ll unveil a new iOS allegedly overhauled by industrial design darling Jony Ive, a bunch of new hardware surrounding MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros and perhaps their own music streaming service.
Where to watch: Apple will livestream the event onto AppleTVs, and Engadget, Gizmodo and CNET will be live-blogging the event, before Apple publishes the Keynote in its entirety on within the week.

EA at E3 | 4am Tuesday Local Time
What to expect: Having recently revealed their new found sports partnership with Microsoft, the company is expected to talk more about FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, NBA LIVE and EA SPORTS UFC, as well as Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed Rivals. The Sims 4 was announced earlier last month too, so maybe something for the casual gamer as well?
Where to watch: EA has a page for an E3 livestream.


Ubisoft at E3 | 6am Tuesday Local Time
What to expect: Watch Dogs will likely show up at this presser, along with the next unnumbered Assassin’s Creed, Black Flag (partially built in the Singapore studios like ACIII was). Also mentioned for an appearance was a new Rocksmith.
Where to watch: On this Ubisoft page, live, when it begins.

Sony at E3 | 9am Tuesday Local Time
What to expect: The fabled PlayStation 4 console will see its reveal here, hopefully alongside its HDD capacity, other controversial secrets and its price point (or have everything remain a blurry mystery, who knows).
Where to watch: A “See it First” Facebook event page points to here, but whether it remains a liveblog or livestream remainds unclear.


Nintendo at E3 on Nintendo Direct | 10pm Tuesday Local Time
What to expect: E3 conferences are for squares. That’s why Nintendo will be doing a Nintendo Direct livestream instead. Word around the street is that the Basic 8GB Wii U is going down, and that Nintendo will continue to focus on the slightly troubled console with more game reveals, with 4 unreleased game demos going to Wii U kiosks at Best Buy locations in the US. And likely, more things about the Nintendo 3DS, assuming everyone stops playing Animal Crossing enough to pay attention.
Where to watch: Nintendo has a dedicated page for their E3 Nintendo Direct livestream.

So it’ll be an entire day of exciting things from dusk to dusk. Get some rest, some good coffee and get ready for some eye strain! (Local Time denotes Singapore Time, which is GMT+8. Schedules and show content subject to change. Accurate as of June 10, 7.02pm.)