The 5 Best Places in Azeroth to Take Your Date to

Do you both play World of Warcraft? Not sure where to best lay down your [Romantic Picnic Basket]? Let us help.

The Floating Islands of Nagrand


You saw them first in Azeroth. Startlingly similar to the floating islands in the movie Avatar, the floating islands of Nagrand are really a sight to behold. Get up there with your flying mount and spread that picnic basket out! In the timelessness of Outland, enjoy one of thebest damn views that alien world has to offer.



Mulgore is a classic. Mostly unspoiled by the upheaval caused by the Cataclysm, the rolling green hills of this ancestral Tauren land stretch out for miles. The picturesque [x] lake punctuates the landscape, while in the distances, the mesas of Thunder Bluff rise like majestic stalagmites. You can almost smell the green grass and lush breeze when you sit down.

Howling Fjord


I might be biased but the Howling Fjord – being my first experience with a World of Warcraft expansion – smelled of freedom and potential. It was probably how America smelled to the Pilgrims when they first set foot on it. Get those cold cuts out and enjoy the cold winter air with its coastal, saltwater tang. If only you could smell in WoW, too…

Redridge Mountains


Ah, the great outdoors. Redridge Mountains reeks of cool mountain air and the smell of freshly turned dirt. An oasis of calm amidst the rock-and-lava backdrop of the Burning Steppes and the Searing Gorge, its little red-roofed cottages will make you feel like settling down and never leaving. Oh, and if you’re Horde? Have your picnic on the rooftop to avoid the guards 😉

Sri-La Village, the Jade Forest


Tucked away in a corner of the Jade Forest is the quiet Sri-La village. The perfect location for a laid back, no-frills getaway (if WoW needed getaways), Sri-La is likely modeled after the Guilin Mountains in China, and exudes just as much mystical charm and calm. You can lay your Picnic Basket out in the village itself, or take a short ride to the nearby offshore isles.