STGCC 10th Anniversary: Best Moments, Hopes and Challenges

Like a dream, Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) 2017 has just come to an end. But more than just the conclusion of another convention, the 10th edition of STGCC got us reminiscing the journey, and asking the question – what’s next?

We caught up with Lin Koh, Assistant Project Director of ReedPOP to get a peek into their decade-long journey.

GameAxis: Firstly, congratulations on STGCC’s 10th anniversary. How has the journey been, and what would you say is the greatest challenge in the past decade?

Lin: STGCC started with a two-hall exhibition, about 4,000sqm gross. Today we are 14,000 sqm gross with a Star Wars Experience the Force brand activation leading up to the convention.

The greatest challenge for STGCC is to meet every single expectation of the fans. We have so many different types of genres and fans with specific likings, so it is about being able to streamline and cater to as many requests as we can.

The sheer volume of different requirements means we might not be able to meet every single one of them, but we will always try our best to see how we can broadly provide something for everyone.

GameAxis: How do you ensure the right balance between toys, games, and comics, as we have heard some fans asking for greater presence of comics since STGCC is often compared to San Diego Comic Con?

Lin: Well, the market here is quite different compared to the U.S. where a lot more artists reside or are headquartered at. If you look at the regional market here, even Singapore itself, there are very few comic publishers. So, we balance it through our guest line-up that features many leaders from the comic industry. For example, this year we have Frank Cho, Arthur Adams, etc. And this provides our fans the opportunities to meet up with their favourite comic artists.

Having said that, we have been reaching out to the overseas market to see if there’s any opportunity for us to work with our sister companies or other comic con organisers to bridge this gap.

GameAxis: What’s STGCC’s plan to help catalyse collaborations between companies or artists from the region?

Lin: In fact, this is already happening! For instance, Action City collaborated with Tokidoki to release the special edition BE@RBRICK at STGCC this year, while Mighty Jaxx and Tokidoki also released the XXRAY Series. More of such collaborations will strike through networking sessions where there are plenty of opportunities for exhibitors to meet each other at a convention like this.

Besides us serving the consumer market, I also see a lot of discussions ongoing between brands and exhibitors on possible future collaborations that will bring their brands to the next level.

 GameAxis: What are your personal top moments at STGCC during the past 10 years?

Lin: Well, one of my top moments is when seeing the fans happy, when we meet their expectations, and when they walk out of the convention saying “Wow, there’s a great difference this year”. Those wows make me day.

I’m also very glad to see some of our exhibitors who started as a fan with small pop-up store grown to become commercially-viable businesses with STGCC. These are the top moments for me.

GameAxis: Lastly, what is the vision for STGCC, what can we expect in the next 10 years?

Lin: I want to imagine ourselves as the Singapore pop culture show where the entire street is just lighted up with pop culture. Perhaps a week-long celebration with Chingay-like big party that welcomes Singaporeans or tourists alike, except it will be about pop culture. Yup, that’s how I would celebrate STGCC 20th edition.

My heartfelt gratitude to the team at ReedPOP and all who supported STGCC in the past 10 years. Thank you all for keeping the dream alive, till the next one!


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