RGB Giveaway: Diablo III "Days in Sanctuary" Comic Caption Contest

Contest Closed – In collaboration with the talented Mr. Morby from Days in Sanctuary, RobotsGoneBad has something for you Diablo 3 fans. We are giving away a copy of the game and four Diablo 3 posters autographed by the guys at Blizzard, sponsored by AsiasoftSEA. You could walk away with our grand prize of a standard edition copy of Diablo 3 and an autographed poster from the guys at Blizzard, or be one of the three runners-up to win an autographed poster each!

Click to enlarge

Here’s how to enter:

  • Come up with a title and captions for the three blank speech bubbles on the Days in Sanctuary comic above. Don’t worry if you’re scratchy with Paint or Photoshop, all entry types will be treated equal. As an added bonus, Morby will clean and touch up the winning entries, which will be featured here and on our Facebook page.
  • Like” our Facebook page. Dropping the display name you use on Facebook in your submission email is optional, but will help us identify and contact you better.


The contest is closed to submissions. Thanks to all our participants! Winners will be announced on robotsgonebad.com and via their given email or Facebook.

Remember, you have to like our Facebook page for the submission to qualify. By entering this contest, you agree to allow us to showcase your submission on our Facebook page, if approved. Diablo III is rated Age Advisory 16 in Singapore.