Nintendo 3DS Menu Folders: Almost, but not quite.

Nintendo has released their recently announced update to the Nintendo 3DS firmware, allowing users to create folders to stuff more games and applications into to build their obsessive collection. It’s a useful feature that is more than welcome, but it could be better.

Here’s a quick walkthrough. Folder creation is as simple as tapping on an empty slot and creating one. It is numbered by default, although you’re given the option to rename them. You can then stuff up to 60 applications in a folder by dragging them into one. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the amount of folders you can create, but you can’t create folders in folders, drumming the total number of possible slots to a whopping 7,200.

Now, where are my Game Boy Advance games?

And here come the limitations. While you can rename the folder, you can’t tell them apart if, for example, you renamed two folders to “Game Boy VC” and “GBA VC”, because it will only show the first letter of the folder’s name on it (above), which makes more sense for the Japanese market, as demonstrated during Iwata-san’s latest Nintendo Direct address, since one Hiragana character can say so much more than the letter “G”.

Perhaps Nintendo should’ve added a feature to recolour the folders or have Nintendo themed icons so they won’t look so drab or have a bunch of apps circle the big folder icon on the top screen so we don’t have to rip apart the folder itself to look inside. Possibly during a later update?

Nevertheless, folders are a nice touch, especially for Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors with 20 GBA and NES Virtual Console items clogging up their interface. The update also brings patches to certain 3DS titles and user recommendations on the Nintendo eShop. The update should already be available for download (System Settings > Other Settings > Page 4 > Software Update).