Glorious Sights And Victorious Titans: RGB's E3 2013 Roundup

Well, E3 2013 wrapped up with memories of another videogame-packed event lingering in our heads. Here’s a roundup of our E3 articles this year.

Xbox One
RGB_E3-13_MicrosoftE3 2013: Xbox One Priced at US$499, Exclusives Revealed
E3 2013: Closeup Shots of the Xbox One
E3 2013: Xbox One’s Requirements, Launch Countries
Microsoft DRM Is To Emulate Steam, Says Anonymous Xbox Engineer
Xbox One ‘May Not Work’ Outside Supported Countries

PlayStation 4
ps4e3_priceE3 2013: PlayStation 4 Will Go For US$399, Has No Need For DRM.
PlayStation Plus Turns 3, Free Trial Up For Grabs
E3 2013: Closeup Shots of the PlayStation 4



Wii U/Nintendo 3DS
RGB_E3-2013_ShigeruMiyamotoE3 2013: Nintendo’s E3 2013 Nintendo Direct Recap
Shigeru Miyamoto Says Talk of Nintendo’s Financials Is “Silly”



Features and Interviews
RGB_E3-2013_Games-headE3 2013: Hop On The Second Screen Bandwagon!
E3 2013: Kazunori Yamauchi talks Gran Turismo 6
E3 2013: Next-Gen Games From E3
E3 2013: Thief’s Lead Designer Interview
E3 2013: A Refresher For Final Fantasy XV

watchdogs_secondscreenE3 2013: Gardening, Gunning And Free-Running At EA’s E3 Presser
E3 2013: Quantic Dream Wows with the Dark Sorcerer Tech Demo
E3 2013: The Court Is Yours in NBA Live 14
E3 2013: Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade Announced [Updated]
E3 2013: 15 Minutes with inFamous: Second Son

Stay tuned as we cover future gaming conventions!