Fancy a Day in Sanctuary?

RobotsGoneBad has always been a great fan of indie stuff. And to show our love in more tangible ways, we’ve decided to have a regular spotlight featuring the local indie games scene!

However, given that Diablo III has pretty much taken over the world, to the point where it’s even made its way into our local politics, we’ve decided to go with that spirit and feature a local indie dev who loves Diablo so much, that he makes a series of webcomics out of it.

Meet Morby Lin! The Creative Director of Mojo Forest Game Studios (we’re featuring them separately) was inspired to create his webcomic, Days in Sanctuary, after reading the Book of Cain.

“I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cool if there’s a comical version of the Book of Cain?’”

Morby then started visualising cartoon versions of Cain and the other characters, thought of some funny things that could happen in Sanctuary, and hit the drawing board.

It wasn’t easy deciding on the webcomic’s content, though.

“I’ve had a hard time deciding if I should mix contents from all three [games],” Morby admitted, noting that most Diablo III players are probably newcomers to the series. Morby himself has not tried Diablo I or Diablo II, and that helped influence his decision to keep Days in Sanctuary revolving around Diablo III.

Further plans for Days in Sanctuary are currently on hold, as Morby is busy smashing stuff in-game as a Monk. “I’ve run out of ideas for now,” he said in our e-mail interview, “as my current knowledge is pretty much limited to beta content only.” However, Morby was quick to add that “anything could happen to anyone in Sanctuary,” leading us to believe that there’s definitely more where the first few strips of Days in Sanctuary came from!

The next update is expected to come in early June, when Morby has finished the game at least once for inspiration. He intends to release one new episode a week thereafter. Given that he only takes two to three hours to complete each Days in Sanctuary comic, we’re hoping for lots more! Non-English speakers can also rejoice, as Morby plans to release the comic in more languages. He’s even has a Russian fan offering to translate it for him!

In the meantime, check out the existing episodes over at Days in Sanctuary on Facebook. Remember to give Days in Sanctuary and RobotsGoneBad a big Facebook like, because we’ll be collaborating on something cool in the week to come… 🙂


Days in Sanctuary is a webcomic created by a local Singaporean developer. It is hand-drawn from scratch with reference from official Blizzard concept art and in-game art assets, and created completely with Adobe Photoshop.