Dislike iOS 6's Maps? Here's What You Can Do About It

While I wouldn’t say that Apple’s new Maps on iOS 6 is bad, it isn’t necessarily good (it took me to a Chinese physician for Chinese food). There are, however, some solutions out there to ease the pain.

You could hold out upgrading, but iOS 6 has its perks with a host of new features, and that downgrading is nary a solution for those who went out and purchased an iPhone 5 over the weekend. So here are some things you could do:

Google Maps/Bing Maps
It may not have Street View or the pinpoint accuracy the old Maps app has, but it is currently the easiest solution for all of us. Google’s and Microsoft’s webapp answers to their respective maps opens prettily on iOS devices (as well as most other compatible mobile devices outside of Apple’s circles). Both webapps are capable of routing you from point A to point B on the map, including walking and public transportation solutions, although admittedly Bing’s Maps are much prettier albeit clunkier to use.

Links: Google Maps | Bing Maps

Google Earth
If you have access to the App Store outside of Singapore’s, you could download Google Earth for iOS. It utilises a similar cartography Google Maps does, but it doesn’t exactly provide you with directions or Street View. Still, it’s a good solution of you’re just looking for something to not lose your way.

Google Earth [App Store]

Jailbreak Google Maps on iOS 6
Port developer Ryan Petrich is going to bring back Google Maps to the Maps app although he says won’t be ready for public use anytime soon, citing crashing and bugs. It’s unlikely you’ve unwisely tethered yourself to iOS 6, but if your iOS device is jailbroken, this should be something to look for.

Google’s Maps App
Google has a real solution for all iOS 6 users with a Maps app of their own on the App Store like they did with the YouTube app, despite the fact that appears to not be coming anytime soon. The company has denied rumours that it has submitted the app to Apple, so it’ll be a little wait. One will have to wait and see how integrated it will get (YouTube links do open on the YouTube app for iOS), but it is unlikely you’ll be using it for turn-by-turn navigation.

Got a solution of your own? Let us know in the comments.