6 Games We Would Like The Epson Moverio To Work With

The Epson Moverio is a nifty personal viewer that allows you to do more than just staring at a screen whilst going about your digital tasks. Aside from letting you check your email on the go, it also allows you to stay in touch with friends, watch your favourite 3D movies, and re-envision your everyday life.

It has some games on it – rudimentary mobile games from the Google Play store – but we’re sure the Moverio can do more than that.

Here are some games we’d love for it to be integrated with.

World of Warcraft

I might be biased because I loved World of Warcraft when I played it, but what could be more magnificent than actually running through Azeroth’s (and Outland’s) vast and varied landscapes in virtual reality style? Sure, you can zoom in on your computer screen, but it just won’t be the same. Moving your mouse to gaze at that towering Zangarmarsh ‘shroom isn’t the same as tilting your head to look up at its immensity.


Because wandering through Pandora with your shield and HP bar and level meter in the corner of your vision is just badass. Also, imagine being able to scan enemies by touching a button by the side of your Moverio. Pandora is an alien world chock full of strange enemies – and biology freaks will have a blast running scans on each of them via the Moverio.


You know how your vision gets blurry and almost impaired when you encounter one of those things in Amnesia? You have to turn away before you go insane. The weaker-willed of us usually start screaming and spamming the Esc button to pause. Now imagine if you were really facing them, with no option to hit the Esc key…

Left 4 Dead

Zombies, zombies in your face. Zombies jumping out from dark corners and closets, staggering up to you screaming and groaning. Zombies everywhere! There’s nothing quite like watching a horror movie and having the creature/ghost/vampire jump up in your face. The Moverio + Left 4 Dead will let you live that.

Pokémon Snap

You know how Spider Jerusalem had his Google-Glass-Of-The-Future with which to snap photos at everyone’s inopportune moments? Combine those with Pokémon Snap – you’ll be looking around and tapping the touchpad of your Moverio to photograph a Pokémon instead of struggling with a clunky N64 controller. The futuristic application of the Moverio in the game sits well with the technologically advanced Pokémon universe. An even better improvement on Pokésnap would be if you could also direct your character’s movement, instead of speeding forward a la a rail shooter.

PlayStation Move

This is more technology than games, but imagine how it’d be like to play out your very own virtual reality adventure. Sony recently announced Until Dawn – that PS Move horror game exclusive where you have to fight to stay alive. Now imagine immersing yourself in that experience, fully 3D, surrounded by sound, and with only one tool in your hand to stay alive.