Watch Every Season GOMTV Has Ever Had For Free

Having ready access to the entire backlog for free sounds way too good to be true, but a recent shift in the company’s direction has made it so. Be it WCS (World Championship Series), GSL (Global StarCraft II League) or GSTL (Global StarCraft II Team League), you’ll find it all organized and raring to go on YouTube.

After rebranding itself as GOM eXP last November, the Korean eSports company decided to can its streaming services (via onGamers) and migrate to Twitch, offloading tons of operational costs and reinvesting it towards their content. The move is a part of their commitment as sole managers and broadcasters of the 2014 WCS Korea, now renamed as the GSL. With the most prestigious league and an even larger prize pool under their responsibility, it’s no surprise they want to streamline things a little.

The Code A Qualifiers are already beginning this week, so it won’t be long before we see the fruits of their labors. Don’t worry if money’s too tight for a subscription; GOM eXP will release “all GSL VODs for free after 2 weeks from each season finals” on Twitch and YouTube. Better late than never!

On that note, spend some time looking through their immense catalog. The videos are all casted in English, listed in order and go up to 1080p resolution. Sort of makes you wish they announced this back in December, doesn’t it?

Source: GOM eXP Via: onGamers

Ade Putra

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