Wargaming Celebrates 15-Year Anniversary with World of Tanks Tournaments

Robots Gone Bad - Wargaming 15th Anniversary Tournament

Yup, the company has been around since 1998. Want to see the studio for yourself? I ask because Wargaming is holding a World of Tanks tournament, one that gives the winners of each region an all-expenses-paid-trip to meet the developers in Minsk, Belarus.

The tourney will be held in Europe, North America, Russia, South Korea, Southeast Asia, China and Vietnam. Adopting the 7 vs. 7 eSports format, qualifiers begin in May with the finals scheduled for late June. Getting second or third in the regionals won’t get you a flight to Minsk, but you will be rewarded with “massive in-game gold prizes”.

More details will come shortly but in the meantime, you can start working towards a competition standard with the Tank Company Frenzy Event #6. Form a tank company to take on teams fielded by Wargaming; should you win, each participant will be awarded with 1,000 gold. The first event for Singaporean and Malaysian commanders will be a Junior Company Battle, held on 17th and 18th May between 5:30PM to 8:30PM. Check here for more details.

Don’t forget the repair kit!


Ade Putra

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