US$15,000 up for grabs at Razer DotA 2 Tournament

As part of their goals to promote e-Sports in the Southeast Asian region, Razer will be hosting a US$15,000 DotA 2 tournament at the IT show taking place this weekend. The showfloor is open from Thursday, with qualifier-round matches being played in the evenings. Daytime play is reserved for show matches and public challenges.

Expect to see some of the region’s best DotA players duke it out in the 5v5 single elim format tournament. Invited teams include Team Razer-sponsored Orange e-Sports, famous for being the top DotA team in Malaysia, as well as Mineski from the Philippines and PMS* Asterisk from Singapore. 11 other teams from Singapore and the region will also be competing.

Keeping in line with their promotion of e-Sports across the region, Razer is also going to make the tournament accessible to fans online through live streaming. Games will be streamed live at

“There needs to be a bigger effort to support the e-Sports eco-system in this region. We have seen the e-Sports movement grow and thrive in countries like the US and China where e-Sports has become mainstream in the last couple of years and we were involved in that effort,” said Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer. “We aim to do the same here and lead the way forward in this region.”

Other companies supporting this tourney include Alienware, AverMedia, Nvidia, Starhub, Kingston, e-Club and Rapture Gaming Network.

The IT show will run till Sunday, March 11th.