The World Cyber Games 2019 has concluded! China takes four out of six gold medals


After a lengthy six-year hiatus, the World Cyber Games 2019 returned to China last Thursday for four days worth of heart-pumping excitement.

Held at the Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Xi’an, China, the massive cyber festival featured six main games that included Clash Royale, Dota 2, Crossfire, Hearthstone, Honor of Kings and Warcraft III.

On top of all that, WCG 2019 also hosted a “New Horizons” segment, which oversaw competitions related to AI programming, VR and robot fighting. That made up another three competitions on top of all the esports excitement.


We know. That’s a lot to take in, even for us. But as they say, a picture paints a thousand words. On that note, pictured below are the individual prize pools and the respective winners from each main category! Did any of your favorites win?

WCG CEO Jung Jun Lee said: “This edition of the WCG has truly been a milestone achievement for us. We are one of the world’s longest-running esports competitions. The WCG opened an exciting new chapter for our future. We fostered participation and harmony and used the spirit of competition to point the way forward for everyone. I hope you look forward to the upcoming WCG 2020”.

Game Sports Winners

  • Clash Royale – JuicyJ (USA)
  • Crossfire – Super Valiant (China)
  • Dota 2 – Newbee (China)
  • Hearthstone – exigo (Hungary)
  • Honor of Kings – DTeam (China)
  • Warcraft III – Infi (China)

New Horizons Winners

  • AI Masters – KGSGT (Korea)
  • Robot Fighting Championship – First (Japan)
  • VR Championship – SadlyitsBradley (USA)

Images: World Cyber Games

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