Team Flash replaces entire LoL line-up with Rigel

Team Flash’s League of Legends line-up has been completely overhauled. The move follows the departure of top-lane player Alex “Shinsekai” Tan, 18, who was headhunted by professional Taiwanese team Fireball. Unfortunately, the transfer led to a chain of events resulting in Flash’s acquisition of Rigel (RG).

The transfer came days before roster finalizations for TLC Spring 2017, a premier tournament by Garena featuring the best players in Singapore. Despite scrambling for a replacement, the remaining members were ultimately not confident of their chances. They thus parted ways, snuffing a team that once blazed through Singapore and the region as Vestigial (VTL).

team flash vestigial

END OF AN ERA: High profile League of Legends team Vestigial disbands, with each player going their separate ways. (Photo: Team Flash)

Ex-captain Lim “ly4ly4ly4” Yang said his former teammates are no longer playing competitively. However, the 22-year-old still has his sights on the TLC and is currently trying out with two amateur teams, ones that “have the most potential in the scene to win either first or second in the upcoming competition.”

Shinsekai told GameAxis that he was glad to have been under Flash, no matter how brief it may have been, but “chances like this don’t come often.” He adds: “I feel that RG is a great team for the Flash organization.”

Shinsekai will soon move to Taiwan and reunite with Jensen “J-Storm” Goh, a former VTL staff member and current head coach at Fireball.

“It was a pity and also a personal surprise to me that we had to let go of our line-up so soon after our return to League,” said Team Flash owner Terence Ting. The eSports brand had only been resurrected earlier this month, headlined by the partnership with VTL and FIFA Online 3 player Wen Jun “hibidi” Chiang.

Staying in the game

To retain a TLC slot, Team Flash have signed all-Singaporean team Rigel, a decision Ting was more than happy with.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better and more ready-made option in Team Rigel. What really stood out for me was their stability, having retained the core of their roster for the last two years, a commendable feat considering factors like education and National Service in Singapore.

“This is a line-up brimming with youth and potential, and we are looking forward to clinching nothing less than first in the upcoming split,” he said.

team flash rigel

TITLE CONTENDERS: Revive, Ciela, Ares and Raven make up part of the new Flash.LoL roster for TLC Spring 2017. (Photo: Team Flash)

“I am delighted to be able to bring Rigel under the Flash branding,” commented Poongundran “Arkane” Ranganathan, RG founder and team captain. “We hope this acquisition will allow us to pool together our resources and elevate the level of game-play amongst our players.”

Rigel was one of two candidates Team Flash considered on the eve of their return, the other being Vestigial. Ting pointed out RG mid-laner Ken “Raven” Goh in particular, not only for his talent but for a play style comparable to Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, unanimously considered the best player in the world.

Head coach Yang “Colours” Jian Hao concurs: “Raven has a very aggressive and oppressive play style, gifted with great mechanical skills. I expect him to do very well in TLC. He has the potential to be the best mid-laner in SEA.”

Of course, putting Raven under the spotlight may prove to be a double-edged sword, something Team Flash is aware of.

“We will be looking to protect him [Raven] better, so even if he gets an overseas offer, Team Flash will be a viable option,” assured Ting.

Current Flash.LoL Roster

  • Poongundran ‘Arkane’ Ranganathan – Captain, Support (22)
  • Ken ‘Raven’ Goh – Mid (16)
  • Timothy ‘Ciela’ Lim – Marksman (17)
  • Chen ‘cyh’ Yihui – Jungle (17)
  • Daniel ‘Revive’ Tan – Top (20)
  • Alvin ‘Ares’ Tan – Substitute, Support (19)
  • Wayne “CraliX” Aw – Substitute, Mid (18)

Management and Coaching Team:

  • Eleana ‘nanachu’ Lim – Manager
  • Yang ‘Colours’ Jian Hao – Head Coach
  • Ang ‘Rayne’ Jia Lun – Assistant Manager, Coach

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