Team Desperation Move Joins Forces With Mad Catz

Homegrown Team Desperation Move (Team DM) has joined forces with Mad Catz Inc.

The six-month old team will receive sponsored equipment and apparel for the remainder of the 2012 calendar year. MCZ apparel for Team DM will be colour coded, with each player receiving shirts in a colour unique to them.

The sponsorship comes as no surprise for the first competitive fighting game team from Singapore. Its eight-man roster has proved itself in many ways since the team’s formation.

Made up of players Raymus Chang (DM.ShenYuan), Jovian Chan (DM.ShenChan), Samuel Ong (DM.ShenOu), Eng Ghim Kee (DM.Gackt), Ho Kun Xian (DM.Xian), Zhi Liang Chew (DM.Zhi), Seow Zong Hui (DM.Sonic) and Samantha Lee (DM.Sam), Team DM boasts a Street Fighter and a Soul Calibur division.

Soul Calibur V players DM.ShenYuan and DM.ShenChan have dominated the scene both locally and internationally, with DM.ShenYuan sweeping the Tokyo Tougeki qualifiers for the game; he will also be heading to MLG later in the year to play for a top prize of US$6,000. DM.ShenChan, on the other hand, took 2nd place at EVO 2k12, and went on to dominate the ShenZhen Tougeki qualifiers. He recently returned from the Tougeki tournament proper in Narita, Japan, having been eliminated from the Top 8.

Team DM’s Street Fighter division is no slouch, either. Boasting the likes of DM.Xian and DM.Gackt, it has grabbed 1st placing at OzHadou 2012, the Malaysia Times Square IT Cup, the Road to EVO Southeast Asia Major as well as the top two placings at the Singapore SF 25th Anniversary tournaments. DM.Zhi has also been contracted by Capcom to commentate at the SF 25th Taiwan tournament, with both of his SF teammates attending.

“These achievements are something that the Singapore fighting game community and the Singapore E-Sports League can be proud of,” said Lennert Yang, owner and co-founder of Team Desperation Move. “Team DM is only six months old, yet we’ve been able to send team reps to places like Japan, China, Taiwan, the USA, and Australia. There has been a lot of sweat, commitment, and risks involved, but passion has no limits.”

Lennert went on to cite how DM.ShenChan had been jetsetting around the region for various Soul Calibur V tournaments. The team has, up till now, been funded largely by Lennert and his co-founders, Alfred Hu and Ogawa Ryuju.

“We sincerely thank Mark and Leang of Mad Catz for giving Team DM the chance to be included in their stable of talents, and for aiding us in acquiring a sponsorship this generous,” Lennert added.