StarCraft II Singapore WCS: Roundup & Results

The StarCraft II Singapore World Championship Series concluded with a nail-biting finish last weekend at Funan Digitalife Mall. Apart from serving to separate the Singaporean men from the boys, the event also played host to the qualifiers for the WCS SEA Open Finals.

The latter competition saw regional competitors the likes of MiTH.RedArchon and Mski.Stella (EnDerr) battle it out to represent their countries in the Asia Finals. These big names were but among some of the more decorated StarCraft II players who came out to fight for their share of the US$10,000 prize pot.

Bryan ‘nirvAnA’ Choo came out of retirement specifically for WCS, while Marcus ‘Revenant’ Tan and the rest of his Flash.SC2 teammates remained constant threats to players. The five member Team Eehan also made their competitive debut, while semi-pro Team Eve intimidated their opponents by simply turning up.

While the majority of the event proceeded smoothly enough, there was a blip in the form of a power outage during the tense semi-finals. The match between Jason ‘Eve.Yekke’ Chan and Ryan ‘Flash.Kyzer’ Low was interrupted at a crucial point, though they replayed the game with no further disruptions. The power outage may have occurred at specific points throughout Funan Digitalife Mall, as the Automated Teller Machines on the second floor were later found to have been short-circuited as well.

The Grand Finals of WCS Singapore was an all-Zerg showdown, with Eve.Yekke and Marcus ‘Flash.Revenant’ Tan competing against each other for the top prize of US$4,000. The matches were held on the showfloor instead of the main stage.

An event marshall explained that technical glitches had resulted in stage games lagging when being transmitted to casters Joseph ‘HDPhoenix’ Tan and Marcus Wee. To avoid disruptions to the gameplay, the Grand Finals went uncasted – they will later be commentated on as replays.

The Grand Finals were taken by Revenant – who we managed to speak to following his win. The rest of the results for the StarCraft II Singapore World Championship Series are as follows:

WCS Singapore

WCS SEA Open Finals

1st – Marcus ‘Flash.Revenant’ Tan
1st – Mski.BenQ Stellar
2nd – Jason ‘Eve.Yekke’ Chan
2nd – MiTH.RedArchon
3rd – Ryan ‘Flash.Kyzer’ Low
3rd – Mski.BenQ Jabito