Sneak Peak into HyperX’s new gaming keyboards

HyperX, Kingston’s gaming-focused brand, will be releasing two new keyboards this Fall. These gaming keyboards, together with the existing HyperX Alloy FPS will completes the gaming brand’s suite of mechanical gaming keyboards.

The first is basically a tenkeyless version of the Alloy FPS. In terms of design, the tenkeyless Alloy FPS looks and feels the same as the original – minus the numerical keypad. The only obvious changes are the removal of the USB charging port, and the shifting of the Num / CAPS / Scroll Lock indicators from the top right to the side now. The tenkeyless Alloy FPS will come with Cherry MX Blue, Red, or Brown switches.

If RGB is your thing, then the Alloy Elite RGB will be right up your alley. As its name suggest, the Alloy Elite RGB is fitted with RGB LEDs underneath the keys. Like all of RGB keyboards today, the RGB LEDs on the Alloy Elite RGB is capable of outputting up to 16 million color options. Just like its Alloy FPS cousins, the keyboard also include additional media keys built at the top of the keyboard, a choice of Cherry MX Red, Blue, or Brown key switches, as well as anti-ghosting and nkey rollover technology.

It will not, however, come with a detachable braided cable. HyperX felt that unlike the Alloy FPS, which are made for competitive gamers in mind, owners of the Alloy Elite RGB are not likely to move around much with it.

Both the tenkeyless Alloy FPS and Alloy Elite RGB will be available in Q3 2017.

Last on the list is the HyperX PulseFire FPS gaming mouse. Using a Pixart 3310 optical sensor, this particular gaming mouse has a DPI range between 400 and 3,200 dpi (dots per inch), and comes with six buttons built into it. The mouse is also designed to be ambidextrous, so if you’re a left-handed gamer, this mouse would be one of the few mice on the market that would be perfect for you. HyperX have already passed us a unit for review, so do stay tune for our impression.

Aaron Yip

Aaron Yip is an industry veteran with more than 15 years of experience. When not spending time on his gaming PC and consoles, he can be found in Hyrule solving ungodly puzzles and collecting gems.