Singapore's SEA Major 2013 a Go For Road to EVO

Participating international events of the Road to EVO 2013 were announced yesterday on Shoryuken. Among some of the more exotic locales is Singapore, with her South East Asia Major 2013 (SEA Major), which will be held at the Alienware Arena at Lucky Chinatown, Singapore.

The country’s only Major series to date, SEA Major will have tournaments for eight games.

–       Super Street Fighter IV: 2012 Arcade Edition

–       Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

–       Persona 4 Arena

–       Street Fighter x Tekken

–       Soul Calibur V

–       Tekken Tag Tournament 2

–       King of Fighters XIII

–       King of Fighters 2002 UM

Winners of each tournament will receive seed points for EVO 2013, which will be held in Las Vegas, USA, from Jul 12 to Jul 14 later this year.

We’ve also heard that top international players are coming down to make this truly a Major for the ages. Rumours say that Mike Ross, Humanbomb, and Gamerbee will be making appearances alongside a slew of other big (American) names.

In spite of its (current) no-show at EVO 2013, Soul Calibur V will be one of the headlining games at SEA Major. However this is no surprise since two of the world’s top Soul Calibur players, yin and yang brothers-in-arms DM Shen Yuan and DM Shen Chan, are both residents of the little red dot.

SEA Major 2013 will take place from Jun 21 to Jun 23 2013. Interested players can find more information on ToughCookieTV in the months to come.