Singapore Represented in PlayFPS Elites 2013 Grand Finals

Singapore sent two teams off today to the PlayFPS Elites 2013 Grand Finals in Bangkok, Thailand.

Teams YOLO and Allegiance, competing in Alliance of Valiant Arms and Sudden Attack respectively, will be squaring off with the top gamers from Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The winners of the tournament walk away crowned the ‘Most Elite FPS Gamers’ in the region, while the top three teams for each game will go home with generous cash prizes totalling more than US$10,000.

Organised by Asiasoft, this grand gathering of Southeast Asian FPS players aims to celebrate “the competitive spirit of first person shooter gamers”. A special guest Sudden Attack team from South Korea will also be joining the fray.

PlayFPS Elites 2013 will take place this weekend from Jan 26 to Jan 27 2013, at the Mall Ngamwongwan in Bangkok, Thailand. For those unable to make it down to the venue, the games will be streamed live here. Let’s wish our local boys the very best!



Team Allegiance

E9 AVA 1st Team Allegiancet