Singapore Wants To Plant Her Flag On Two Countries This Weekend

Singapore REPRESENT!

Our little red dot’s fighting game community is going up against Hong Kong in a 15 v 15 Street Fighter 4 battle this Saturday. 

Notable players on our side include DM MCZ Xian, DM MCZ Gackt, and Leslie, while Hong Kong boasts Johnny ‘Humanbomb’ Cheng, finalist at this year’s EVO tournament and also captain of the Hong Kong team.

The Soul Calibur V community isn’t to be outdone either: they’ll be hosting a 8 v 8 showdown with Indonesia.

Singapore has become a force to be reckoned with in the international fighting game arena, with DM MCZ Xian most recently snatching first place at  Where she once was the conquered, this weekend might see her stepping up to be the conqueror.

The Soul Calibur V matches will be aired at 10pm SGT (GMT +8) tonight, while the Street Fighter 4 matches will air at 4.30pm SGT on Saturday (GMT +8). Check out the schedules below for info on your timezone.

All matches will be aired on CrossCounter Asia.