Singapore Chinese Girls School Wins Big At NBA 2K Ultimate B-Ball Competition

Anyone who has ever said girls can’t play games will have to eat their words now, because the Singapore Chinese Girls School was awarded S$10,000 just yesterday for winning the second annual NBA 2K Ultimate B-Ball Competition.

The SCGS team earned a total of 87 cumulative points out of the 100 point total, through the 5-on-5 full court basketball match, cheerleading, and the e-sports PlayStation 3 challenge. This is the first year the Competition has included a girls’ category; the total number of schools taking part doubled from last year as a result of that, with 27 schools and 243 students in attendance yesterday.

Representing SCGS in the e-sports challenge was 15-year old Chloe Alphonso, point guard of the team, who told us that she had always enjoyed playing the NBA 2K series, but had made it a point to train up especially for the competition.

“It was quite good actually, seeing their reactions,” she said, of besting her male opponents in the e-sports category, where SCGS placed third. “They’d be like ‘ah look, it’s a girl, we’re gonna beat her’, and then you kick their butt.”