ROG Masters APAC Qualifiers – 5 Minutes with Team One Time Wonder

The ROG Masters APAC Qualifiers takes place in Manila, Philippines, this week. We caught up with Team One Time Wonder, winners of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Singapore Final, and so is burdened with carrying the country’s mantle, for a quick-fire interview.

GameAxis: How would you describe your team’s play style?
OTW: Our play style is quite dynamic and is dependent on who we play against with. We do not have a fix or static style in that sense.

GameAxis: Knowing the competition, what do you think are some strategies to watch out for?
OTW: That’s hard to say, but we do tend to give more attention to teams that play aggressively from the get go.

GameAxis: Which team would you consider to be main your rivals?
OTW: In Manila, we’d say Atheletico and 5Power

GameAxis: Now that you’ve come this far, what will be your greatest challenge entering the tournament?
OTW: There are a lot of great teams in this Final. Our greatest challenge would be to get to the Top 4 placement for Phase 2.

GameAxis: What can viewers expect from One Time Wonder?
OTW: As we’ve mentioned earlier, we don’t have a one fixed strategy. So we think our dynamic playing style tends to show up the occasional surprise here and there. So with us, viewers can expect the unexpected.

GameAxis: What equipment do you use for competitions?
OTW: Each player in the team have their own preference, really. Some of us are using a Corsair K70 keyboard, Zowie FK1 gaming mouse, Sennheiser Game Zero gaming headset, and even a Zowie mousepad. Our computer rigs are mostly self-built.

GameAxis: If you could pick one player from a rival team in this tournament to come over to yours, who would that be?
OTW: Hmm…no one in particular though.

GameAxis: Do you feel that eSports in Singapore is better recognized now than before? What additional support would you like to see for eSports in our region?
OTW: Yes, for sure, I wish to see that CS:GO gets more exposure and support here in Singapore. The ROG Masters Qualifiers is a good example of what good support and planning looks like in a professional competition. We also need to cultivate a good mindset among local gamers who wish to pursue eSports full-time.

GameAxis: Are there any other competitive games that your team is considering to expand to?
OTW: Two of our players came from Battlefield 4 but to answer the question, most probably not, as we feel rooted to CS:GO

We wish One Time Wonder the best of luck in the ROG Masters APAC Qualifiers, taking place from 26-29 this month in Manila, Philippines. Team GameAxis will be there to cover the event, so do come back for updates.

In the meantime, ASUS ROG Singapore have also conducted additional video interviews with One Time WonderYou can watch them right below.

Aaron Yip

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