PayPal Halts Personal Payments Made to Singapore Accounts

PayPal will put an indefinite halt to personal payments in Singapore come Feb 20 2013. According to TechCrunch, an email was sent to members citing “regulatory instructions” as the reason for the stoppage.

While PayPal was apparently not clear on what sort of fund transfer will be stopped, PayPal Japan personal account holders were stopped from sending and receiving money to and from individual accounts in 2010. PayPal users in Taiwan and Brazil were subject to the same treatment later that year.

However TechCrunch reports that it seems like users will still be able to receive payments from “sales and trading”.

This may possibly put a dent in the funding methods of local competitive gamers. It is common for popular pro players overseas to have their own PayPal buttons; fans regularly send donations the way of these players simply to support them in their competitive gaming endeavours. This is a practice that some local players have adopted.