Mothership Studios announces e-Sports school

Local caster HDPhoenix is back with Mothership Studios, and with a vengeance too! Not only is he hosting another of his famous tournaments, he has tweaked it to serve a better purpose: the e-Sports school he is starting up.

Called the Electronic Sport Program and touted as Singapore’s first e-Sports school, it will focus on the competitive games League of Legends, Sudden Attack, Blackshot and of course, StarCraft II.

The school will feature structured classes that take place once a week, and is going to offer the first class for free to gamers! It hasn’t officially launched yet though. We got word that its ‘opening day’ is May 12th. Blackshot and StarCraft II will begin classes first, with the other two games following in June.

“I aim to send players overseas, to compete in the IPL, MLG, Dreamhack and maybe even one day, the GSL,” wrote HDPhoenix on “To do that, players need to train with like-minded people, learn things faster and better in classes and have opportunities to test their new capabilities through regular tournaments.”

That’s right, the tournament is more than just a plain old competition. It’s going to be a way for potential students to meet the teachers, learn more about the programme and find out how to attend ESP’s free first class.

You can sign up and find more info on the tournament here.

(Photo courtesy of Mothership Studios. That’s HDPhoenix in the centre!)