Mortal Kombat X Asia Pacific Qualifiers Begin in May

Qualifiers for the Mortal Kombat X Asia Pacific Championships kick off in May, where a prize pool of over SG$3,000 and greater opportunities await. If you’re just hearing about it now then fret not, registrations are still open!

The qualifiers will be held across four countries according to the following schedule (links direct to their respective registration pages):

The Grand Finals itself will be held on 21 June in Bangkok with the winner proceeding to Las Vegas, USA to participate in EVO 2015. Flights to Bangkok and Las Vegas will be covered, as will accommodation.

There will be a SG$10 registration fee for the Singapore qualifier, though it does come with a sweet T-shirt by supporting partner Xmashed Gear (who make great crossover shirts in general).


The Asia Pacific Qualifiers will be held in a double-elimination format, with the first player to score two points – each round is 99 seconds – winning the match. Do be sure to read through the rest of the rules here.

[via @mrtoffee]


Ade Putra

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