Licence2Play 2012's Gaming Competitions

Gear up, competitive gamers, and get into training mode because Licence2Play 2012 is bringing you a slew of tournaments. 

Starhub will be hosting a Counter-Strike Global Offensive Tournament and DOTA 2 competition with Online EClub’s support. Players stand to win both cash prizes and medals. Unfortunately registration is already full, with eight teams in both the CS and DOTA 2 tourneys. We can assure you that you’re in for a treat, however, because there are notable teams like Flash e-Sports and Armaggeddon taking part.

National newspaper tech supplement Digital Life is also joining the fray with their King of Shooters tournament. The inaugural gaming competition will see participants pitted against one another in the games Blackshot (PC), Alliance of Valiant Arms (PC), Halo 4 (X360), Borderlands 2 (PC), and Medal of Honor (X360).

Players can earn points in their games of choice at the Starhub booth on the first two days of L2P. The highest scoring players will return for the finals on Dec 9 2012. There are prizes worth more than S$10,000 to be won, including a free one-year sub to a fibre broadband plan from StarHub and Halo 4 Xboxes. Registration information on the King of Shooters tournament will only be out next week.

Analog gaming has a spot at the table too this year, with the Cardfight!! Vanguard tournament. The one-on-one tournament will also host the launch of the English Cardfight!! Vanguard Vol 4 and Vol 9 Booster Boxes.

Singapore E-Sports League also returns with the Let’s Get Hyped tournaments for Street Fighter 4, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and FIFA ’13. The community-driven professional e-Sports league aims to raise the benchmark of console gaming in Singapore. Up to S$2,000 worth of cash and prizes can be won.

Finally, will be holding their ITE Tournament Grand Final at Licence2Play. The inaugural tournament will see the first ever ITE Champion crowned.

And it’s not just gaming tournaments that will make Licence2Play the gaming expo of the year for Singapore. Stay tuned for further updates on just what we’ll be experiencing at the Marina Bay Sands expo hall on Dec 7 to 9 2012!