Joseph 'Zarate' Yeo Leaves Flash E-Sports For Team DM

Joseph ‘Zarate’ Yeo is jumping ship to Team Desperation Move (Team DM) just two and a half months after signing with local competitive gaming team Flash e-Sports.

His move is a financially motivated one, as Zarate has a spot at the World Cyber Games Grand Finals in Kunshan, China this year, but lacks the funds to make his way there. Flash e-Sports is allegedly only sponsoring the trip of one of its FIFA players: Flash.hibidi, better known as Chiang Wen Jun. We will update with Flash E-Sports’s statement once they respond.

“It is true that we have placed priority over the sponsorship of Wen Jun’s (hibidi’s) trip to China as we work on a system of meritocracy, as most organizations do,” said Terence Ting, head of business communications and owner of Flash e-Sports, of Zarate’s move.

“Based on that system, Wen Jun came in first, Joseph second – which influenced our decision to place hibidi on the priority list of sponsored players to the finals. In the end, Joseph felt his prospects of moving to DM were brighter – players come and go and although Zarate’s stay has been a short-lived one, we thank him for his contribution to the team and wish him all the best in DM colours.”

On the Team DM side, owner Lennert Yang has said that one of Team DM’s “one of many agendas for Team DM is that it will try its very best to send players to prominent overseas events.

“We believe that exposure and experience will only improve their overall skill,” he said, on why he chose to pick Joseph up. “In this case, Joseph has qualified for a spot but his previous team was unable to send him.”

Team DM has also recently signed a new player for its Street Fighter 4 division, and has brought aboard a StarCraft II team.