Japanese League of Legends Team Gets Sponsor

Rampage, the Japanese League of Legends team that took first place at the 2013 World Cyber Games Japan Qualifier, is now proudly sponsored by European peripherals manufacturer Ozone Gaming Gear. They’ve since been renamed as Ozone Rampage.

The announcement is a promising headway for the budding Japanese eSports scene, better known for its fighting game community. LoL isn’t too popular in the country – they don’t even have a server, forcing teams to play on North America instead – but that hasn’t stopped Rampage from going professional. The team ultimately placed 13–16th at the 2013 WCG, with a 1:3 score in the group stages.


With any luck, the move will prompt more interest in the island nation and for eSports as a whole.

Source: Ozone Rampage Via: Reddit
Photo courtesy of Ozone Rampage

Ade Putra

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