Interview With The Murderface

Last week, RobotsGoneBad had the opportunity to sit down with Tokido, the Murderface of the international fighting games community. Check out the video below! A transcript is available below as well.

RGB: How did you get started playing fighting games? So many people just focus on one game, how did you start playing so many?

Tokido: My elementary school friends suggested I play fighting games. At that time fighting games were very popular in Japan, and we played a lot. It’s easy to just play one. (so I play all)

RGB: Do you think it’s better for someone learning to play fighting games to play all of them, or to focus on one?

Tokido: A lot of fighting games’ gameplay is very good for improving your skill in the games. Playing more kinds of fighting games is a good opportunity to get (sic) better.

RGB: What do you do in Japan when you’re not playing fighting games?

Tokido: I go to the gym to exercise.

RGB: Do you work?

Tokido: My work is now only fighting games. My management company…

RGB: Madcatz?

Tokido: Madcatz, and Topanga.

RGB: Do you do anything else apart from playing fighting games and going to the gym?

Tokido: Almost all my time is spent on fighting games and in the gym. Anyway going to the gym is only a hobby.

RGB: Then how do you get out and meet other people socially?

Tokido: My social circle consists of my university mates and high school friends. We meet up at night sometimes.

RGB: What do they think of you playing fighting games?

Tokido: Some of them think I’m crazy. But I played a lot of fighting games when I was in university and high school, and people who know me well say it’s a very good job for me.

RGB: Do you normally play on consoles or at the arcade?

Tokido: Sometimes arcade, but mainly consoles. I prefer a console because I play a lot of games, and in Japan arcades, it’s like this place is better for Street Fighter, and this place is better for another game, and I need to travel a lot. It’s very troublesome.

RGB: Do you have a favourite arcade in Japan?

Tokido: Yes, it’s Taito Station in Shinjuku.

RGB: How do you think Singapore compares to Japan when it comes to fighting games?

Tokido: Singapore is getting better. Some players are very, very good.

RGB: Is there any particular Singapore player you think is very good?

Tokido: Xian. He plays a lot of fighting games. Street Fighter, King of Fighter. He is very good.

RGB: Your nickname is Murderface. Do you like it?

Tokido: Yes!

RGB: But if you could get people to give you another nickname, what would that be?

Tokido: For now, Murderface is very cool for me. It’s best!

RGB: Why do you think Murderface suits you?

Tokido: It’s very funny. I really don’t have a murderface.