Interview: Team Eehan

Team Eehan is one of the newer teams that have recently popped up on the local StarCraft II radar. While they haven’t won any offline tournaments yet, they certainly have been making a name for themselves online. The team is made up of just five members: Yun Gi Chul (eehanRiver), Shondy Ang (eehanDgNa), Poh Ann (eehanProAnn), Ivy Chiu (eehanPolaris), and Gibson Gay (eehanWrath). Aged from their late teens to the very early twenties, these players originally met each other in impeRiaL, another StarCraft II clan.

impeRiaL had lofty ambitions of becoming a professional team, but later decided to mellow out to casual play after some conflict within their ranks. It was then that Team Eehan leader Gi Chul decided to form Team Eehan, with its full name of Team Eehan Timing.

Nowadays, Team Eehan’s name carries the same weight as Flash.SC2 and Team Eve do in competitive circles.

We talked to leader Gi Chul, better known as eehanRiver (pictured 2nd from left in the photo above), to find out more a little about this competitive clan.


RGB: Is there a meaning behind the name eehan?

eehanRiver: ‘Eehan timing’ literally means ‘this one timing’, which is to describe a certain significant timing wherein someone can make a move that’ll lead to victory. This was a common phrase used in the StarCraft: Brood War era.

RGB: What are Eehan’s goals together as a team?

eehanRiver: Our goal is to be the strongest StarCraft II team in Southeast Asia, and ultimately, to be able to represent Singapore in the Global StarCraft II Team League (GSTL).  We do also hope to achieve better results in upcoming tournaments, like the one for the Tokyo Game Show, IESF, and to gain recognition from the StarCraft II community.

RGB: So how does Eehan normally train?

eehanRiver: We play ladder on all servers – SEA, NA and KR – on a ‘own time own target’ basis. We also sometimes arrange for custom games to test and discuss our strategies, strengths and weaknesses. During certain weekends, we also go for offline training sessions to get exposure playing in different environments. This helps when we go for offline tournaments.

RGB: Does Eehan consider itself a professional or a casual team?

eehanRiver: We’re currently more of a casual team than a professional team, since most of our players currently have other commitments. For instance, eehanPolaris, Ivy, is studying in the university while eehanDgNa, Shondy, is doing his National Service with the Singapore Police Force.

eehanProAnn manages our public relations, but our team doesn’t have a person who can currently manage or help us get connections to sponsorships and partnerships. We’re currently looking for a capable manager!

RGB: What do you think of teams such as Eve and Flash eSports?

eehanRiver: They’re teams that we consider ‘pro’ – well set up with talented players. We do hope to surpass them in the near future.

RGB: It does seem like Team Eehan is getting compared to Eve and Flash. Do you consider those teams your rivals?

eehanRiver: Team Eehan Timing is a newly established team compared to those two. We still have a long way to go, especially since we don’t have the experience nor the management to assist us. But yes, this team was formed to compete against them.
In any case, having a third party in the big picture always spices things up!