IEM Singapore: Open Bracket Still Accepting Signups

IEM Singapore’s Open Bracket currently only has nineteen players according to a post on ESL World, and signups are still open.

There are supposed to be four 8-player double elimination brackets for the Open Bracket, with each giving two of its players the chance to move on to the final event. The Open Bracket starts on Nov 22 2012, the first day of IEM Singapore, and signups for it were originally meant to close on Nov 18 2012.

Of the nineteen players currently registered for the Open Bracket, seven are from Singapore.

Rivals and schoolmates FlashBlysk (Protoss) and EveYekke (Zerg) will be playing, alongside female GrandMaster league Zerg player, Polaris from Team Desperation Move. Also in the Open Bracket is CharredFury (Zerg), River (Protoss), LadyBug (Zerg), and ZooM (Protoss).

They’ll be facing off with players from not just the SEA region, but Korea and Australia as well. For some of these players, the Open Bracket is a second chance at superstardom. Singapore’s ‘official’ player from the SEA Bracket qualifiers was DM MCZ Pro Ann.


[Source: ESL World]