Flash eSports Signs Addition To Their FIFA Team

Joseph Yeo, the decorated FIFA player AEON.Zarate from AEONSPORTS, has jumped ship to Flash eSports.

His move is described as a “free transfer”, and will see him joining the ranks of Flash.FIFA. The FIFA division in Flash eSports has been lacking recently, with the transition of key player Mohamed ‘Xtr3me3’ Phirkhan into a managerial role. Joseph, who will be shortening his handle to just ‘Zara’, is expected to fill that gap as a FIFA talent with “a solid track record and his fair share of success”. His strong friendship and player chemistry with new teammate Wen Jun ‘hibidi’ Chiang was another deciding factor in bringing him into the team.

It is interesting to note that Joseph has never won a major tournament after his breakthrough into the scene back in 2010. However, Flash eSports also has a reputation for taking in players whose potential have not yet come through.

“I felt it’s the right time to move on to take my play to the next level,” said Joseph, via a press release.

In response, the Flash team noted that: “Flash expects the best out of our newly synergised line-up as the team heads into the latter stages of 2012.”