Flash eSports Reenters MOBAR Scene With Flash.D2

Earlier this week, Flash eSports announced the birth of Flash.D2, their foray into the pro Dota 2 scene.

The five man team will be captained by Jeremy ‘Azione’ Teo, Weng Ming ‘Eminence’ Heng, Nicholas ‘Sinister’ Kong, Alvin ‘Lyralei’ Tan, and Joseph ‘Milligan’ Lim. The players hail from reputable teams, with Azione and Eminence previously of XtC, Sinister from Impunity, and Lyralei and Milliang from Giggles. Nonetheless, non-Dota 2 players will be hard pressed to recognise them.

As it is, the Singaporean Dota 2 team best known around the world is Zenith, who took home a sizeable prize pot at last year’s high-stakes Dota 2 Invitational. Flash eSports is looking to challenge Zenith for this title, stating via press release:

“It is our belief that these five individuals have the potential to form one of the strongest teams in the country, (and) one day, the world.”

Flash eSports’ reentry to the MOBAR scene comes several months after the disbanding of Flash.LoL.