Flash eSports Has Made "Very Good Signings"

The past two months seem to have been dominated by Flash eSports. First, there was their all-Flash finish at the 4th FIFA Cup. Then they announced a sponsorship with Cooler Master. Following that, it was the acquisition of a player from a rival team, and the announcement of their Dota 2 team. Last weekend, they even took two out of the top three positions at the Singapore Nationals of the StarCraft World Championship Series.

“I think we’ve made very good signings,” said Terence ‘SoloZ’ Ting, owner of Flash eSports. The Flash.SC2 team, previously consisting of just two players, has since grown to include Ryan ‘Flash.Kyzer’ Low, Thomas ‘FlashBlitz’ Kopankiewicz, and Bryan ‘Flash.drakE’ Sum.

Its FIFA division has also expanded, with the inclusion of Joseph ‘Flash.Zara’ Yeo and their two FIFA Youth Academy players, Erwyn ‘Flash.El Rey’ Shah and Weicheng ‘Flash.Helios’ Tok.

The infrastructure of Flash eSports itself has changed to accomodate the growth of their team. With owner Terence ‘SoloZ’ Ting heading into National Service, the team has also been tweaked to better stand on its own. We were told that each gaming division will now boast its own manager, who will report to an overall GM. This, to better ensure the person managing each team is closer to the ground in his respective community.

Flash has brought in James Wong, previously of clan ImperiaL, to manage Flash.SC2, while their FIFA star Mohamed ‘Xtr3me3’ Phirkhan has been shifted into the role of General Manager.