Flash E-Sports Welcomes CS:GO Team Dreamscape

Flash E-Sports recently announced their acquisition of CounterStrike: Global Offensive team: Dreamscape.

The young team first caught our attention at the Asian Cyber Games in September this year, where they placed first over favoured winners Team Bovines.

Notable players in their lineup include anchor Daniel ‘dN’ Nygate, who played for Team Dignitas in 2008, as well as 13 year old prodigy Nevin ‘Splashske’ Aw, who has been playing CounterStrike since he was seven. The rest of the team is made up of Jason ‘ALMA!’ Poh, Nigel ‘Spielz’ Aw, and Faiz ‘Dejavu`X’ Ismam.

“Our focus as a team has always been on developing young, local talent to consolidate our position as the top team in Singapore – giving them a platform to showcase their skills and shine is what we pride ourselves on,” said Terence ‘SoloZ’ Ting, owner of Flash e-Sports.

This is Flash e-Sports’s first foray into the FPS arena to date, and a well-informed one, at that. Korea-developed Blackshot has typically been the focus of the local FPS community, but it has never found worldwide recognition as a tournament game.