Flash e-Sports Launches Dota 2 League, Sees Overwhelming Response

Flash E-Sports announced their Dota 2 league last Friday. With the dearth of well-run professional Dota 2 tournaments in the country, it comes as no surprise that the FD2L has since been overwhelmed with applicants.

The 64-team tournament for the league’s already has 30 confirmed teams, with another 41 teams jostling for the remaining 34 slots. The FD2L will also feature a shoutcasting competition, with a total of seven ‘casters already signed up for it.

The Flash Dota 2 open tournament will be an offline one, held at Singapore’s Lucky Chinatown Alienware Arena. Tournament entrance is open to all nationalities, though teams must be able to come down to the Singapore venue to participate. There are plans for the F2DL to have four seasons this year, with the inaugural season acting as a dry run for the Flash e-Sports team.

“Plans are in place after the conclusion of FD2L to create a unified Singaporean eSports league in 2013, encompassing not only Dota 2, but other noteworthy eSport titles such as StarCraft II, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, and more,” wrote Flash e-Sports founder, Terence Ting in a blog post. Flash e-Sports recently recruited PMS Asterisk*’s Tammy ‘furryfish’ Tang, to be their Business Manager; Tammy seems to be the main driving force behind the FD2L, understandably so since she has been a cornerstone of the Singaporean Dota scene for a good number of years.

With the overall console gaming community also welcoming the inception of the SG E-Sports League’s Street Fighter leagues, it looks like 2013 might just be the year for e-Sports in Singapore.


[Photo: Flash e-Sports]