FD2L Season 1: Pro League Teams

Your teams for tomorrow’s Pro League Round of 8 showdown are:

  • First Departure
  • Zenith
  • P+Z
  • Grass
  • Air.MX
  • D2K
  • DsD
  • [L]ittle

In a surprising turn of events, three out of the sixteen teams that played this morning did not show. Four in total were disqualified. Teams HARROSH 3.0, sohaijor, and Stars were all absent and non contactable.

Team [L]ittle were disqualified from playing as they reported more than an hour after the matches had begun. However they will be playing in tomorrow’s Pro League as not all qualified teams from today’s Amateur League are able to attend.

It makes one wonder whether Singapore’s Dota 2 community truly is ready for an e-sports league when there are players who cannot commit to turning up for just two weekends.