FD2L Season 1: Flash E-Sports To Pick Up New Dota 2 Team, Could It Be First Departure?

In an interview today at the Flash Dota 2 Amateur League, Flash E-Sports owner and founder Terence ‘SoloZ’ Ting said that the team was looking at picking a new Dota 2 team – “two to three to be specific” – from the pool of up-and-coming talents present in their Dota 2 tournaments.

While Terence did not mention any names, he did hint at signing the new team very soon, saying players could expect to see movement in the next month or so. Later in the evening, Flash E-Sports’ StarCraft II wonderboy Marcus ‘Revenant’ Tan dropped a cheeky tweet at this reporter following a Twittered comment on the First Departure-Zenith upset for the FD2L Amateur League.


Could First Departure be the next Flash.D2 contingent?

Flash E-Sports signed their Dota 2 team last year, but parted ways with it just recently after finding that the former Flash.D2 team’s objectives were not in line with the organisation’s.