Exclusive! Flash.Revenant to Train with Fnatic Team in Korea

Flash e-Sports today announced that they will be sending their StarCraft II captain, Marcus ‘Revenant’ Tan, to Korea on a month-long training experience in the e-Sports industry there.

A mutual agreement with world-class gaming team, Fnatic, will allow Revenant to stay and train in the Fnatic team house. There, he will be pitting himself against players such as aLive, Moon, ToD, NightEnD and many other Korean e-Sports professionals currently participating in the Global StarCraft League (GSTL). This is an opportunity that Revenant is “very excited” about.

“It’s a dream of every Singapore competitive RTS gamer to be able to experience the Korean e-Sports culture, albeit short (sic), but it’s`still going to be a huge learning trip for me,” he said in a press statement from Flash e-Sports.

And Terence ‘SoloZ’ Ting, founder and head of Business Communications in Flash e-Sports, agrees. Terence told us that there is still an ongoing debate as to who is the strongest StarCraft II player in the Southeast Asia region, with many believing that Australia’s mOOnGLaDe takes the crown with his international experiences in Korea and the Intel Extreme Masters.

“Our intention is to narrow that gap and elevate [Revenant] to a status on par with Glade. We believe that the invaluable experience he will gain from Korea in the span of that month will last for the duration of his entire career,” he said, adding that Revenant knows what is expected of him.

No less than “domination in the regional StarCraft II circuit and leading [Flash e-Sports] to glory.”

(Photos: Flash e-Sports’ Facebook page)