eSports SG Concludes First StarCraft II Tournament

EDIT November 5 2012: eSports SG has concluded its first online-only StarCraft II 4v4 tournament.  It saw about half of its participants hailing from Singapore.

Other participants from Malaysia and Australia made up the other half. Australian clan Ninth Legion even sent two teams!

Local teams DM Mad Catz, Flash eSports, and Team Eve, while not big enough to match Ninth Legion’s forces, made up for it by competing with their best.

“From the competition we can clearly see lots of new dynamics being explored in this game,” said Walter Lee, Marketing Manager of eSports SG. Hopefully this signals a regrowth in the currently stagnant local StarCraft II community.

The local participants converged at LAN shop cum showroom AFTERSHOCK PC, and caught the attention of the staff there. It was a hybrid team made up of clan Eve and clan aLt members that took first place at the tournament. Team Legionnaires took second place, while Team Onslaught placed third.

The replays will be casted by ‘Point 3’ from Ninth Legion and Sean ‘Flamga’ Krauter from Flash eSports.