ESGN Points and ELO Offers Easier Tracking, Now In Effect

The eSports Global Network (ESGN) have announced that its ESGN Points and ESGN ELO tracking systems are in effect as of 1st January, 2014. The standings will be applicable for the network and its partners – ESL, GOM eXP and Gamefy – wherein all competitors involved will have points calculated and publicly available.

The official description calls ESGN Points a “merit-based ranking system used to integrate and unite the eSports scene on a global level.” By applying a standard across tournaments, it’s far easier to see how a player stacks up against others. There are a few filters to help sort the information but it gets truly impressive with the detailed player profiles. From basic personal or team information to match records (with links to VODs where available) and past achievements, the utility of a central database such as this cannot be understated.

ESGN ELO shares a similar purpose: “[To] show the overall strength of a player in each gaming title while factoring the performance of the player’s participation in each ESGN tournament.” Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a breakdown of how the score is calculated for those who may be curious.

Both systems will complement each other as a service. To sum it up, ELO represents personal performance whereas Points is used for global ranking. Most importantly, these lend a great deal of professionalism and authenticity to the growing world of eSports.

There’s more to the new ESGN website, though. Check out the event schedule for something else incredibly useful.

Source: ESGN

Ade Putra

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