e-Sports Team [Bf.Nut] To Play At DreamHack Winter '12

e-Sports team [Bf.Nut] will be playing in the AMD Sapphire Battlefield 3 DreamHack Winter ’12 Masters tournament this weekend.

The Singapore-based team are the only Asian team to be competing in Battlefield 3 this year at DreamHack. They were sponsored to attend the open category competition by a myriad of organisations.

Vantage e-Sports, Armaggeddon, AMD, AFTERSHOCK PC, Quirky Designs, and LAN centre Colosseum have rallied behind our local boys to get them to Sweden and onto the international stage. Singapore’s Cybersports and Online Gaming Association (SCOGA) also granted [Bf.Nut] access to their Gamer Assistance Programme, a fund recently set up to provide financial assistance to local gamers wishing to compete overseas.

[Bf.Nut] is a large team, but only seven of their players will be attending DreamHack. The players representing Singapore all the way in snowy Sweden are:

  • Donald “Gen3sis” Yeo
  • Freddie “DarkFly3r” Gian
  • Jie Xiang “Chocolat3” Teo
  • Lim “Euphoria” Yong Cheng
  • Muhammad Syafiq “Aeozoid” Bin Anuar
  • Christian “.m4gg0t!” Stingl
  • Eugene “qu|kZ” Tay

To our knowledge, [Bf.Nut] are also the only Singaporean representatives at the world’s largest digital festival this year. The last time a Singaporean took home an accolade at DreamHack Winter was in 2009, when Ho Kun Xian, better known now as Xian of Team Desperation Move, Mad Catz, and CrossCounter Asia, placed 2nd in vanilla Street Fighter 4.