Cooler Master To Sponsor Flash eSports

Flash eSports has signed a year-long sponsorship deal with Cooler Master subsidiary CM Storm.

The contract, announced last Friday afternoon, will see CM Storm equipping the Flash team with “state-of-the-art gaming peripherals” from their product line. Some equipment mentioned include the Trigger Gaming keyboard, the Sirius S headset, and the Sentinel Advanced mice. The CM Storm product line will be the Flash team’s exclusive gaming gear.

Terence Ting, owner and head of Business Communications in Flash eSports, noted that while Flash had received several “attractive” sponsorship offers, they chose to go with Cooler Master as “they are no stranger to the computer games scene and have been at the forefront of this industry, supporting the scene in many ways…”

Cooler Master has been supporting the competitive gaming scene since 2008, when they formed subsidiary brand CM Storm with the objective of “arming the gaming revolution.”

Said Cooler Master Marketing Specialist, Ennis Tan: “[Cooler Master] looks forward to close co-operation and new lineup (with Flash eSports), with a full set of professional-grade equipment and integrity.”