Catch the PGL CS:GO Minor Championship Asia live on Twitch

Across the border in Johor Bahru sits Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios, where Netflix’s Marco Polo TV series is filmed. This weekend, however, the sprawling set will be home to an entirely different kind of shoot.

Eight of the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams from the region have gathered for the PGL CS:GO Minor Championship Asia, a proving ground on the road to the Major Championship 2017 in Atlanta, USA. Its high stakes as usual for these eSports hopefuls: on the table are a US$50,000 (S$69,700) prize pool and two qualifier slots for the next Majors, and all of it will be available live on Twitch.

Teams qualified for the tournament are South Korea’s MVP Project, China’s VG.CyberZen, the Middle East’s BOT, Australia’s Athletico, Indonesia’s nxl and Malaysia’s Fire Dragoon. Joining them are the invited teams TyLoo and Renegades from China and Australia respectively.

The Group Stages took place on Friday, 28 October, with TyLoo and Renegades in the lead; trailing behind in the upper bracket are MVP Project and VG.CyberZen.

Video on demand replays and current standings can be found on HLTV.

Schedules for the remaining matches are as follows (all times in SGT):

Saturday, 29 October

09:45 – Stream Start
10:00 – Pre-Show
10:30 – Renegades vs. MVP Project
14:00 – TyLoo vs. VG.CyberZen
17:30 – Upper Bracket Finals

Sunday, 30 October

09:45 – Stream Start
10:00 – Pre-Show
10:30 – Elimination Match
14:00 – Decider Match
17:30 – Grand Finals, BO3

The tournament is being streamed on PGL’sTwitch channel and features host Scott “SirScoots” Smith alongside casters Daniel “ddk” Kapadia and James Bardolph. Over by the analyst desk, we have Joona “natu” Leppanen and Halvor “vendetta” Gulestol.


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