AFTERSHOCK PC To Host Half-Life Retro Tourney

AFTERSHOCK PC is hosting the Half-Life Retro Tournament at their premises on Sunday, November 11 2012.

Players will have to power their way through the 1v1 Death Match, single elimination format in order to grab over $200 worth of prizes (their poster has a slight miscalculation!). The guys at Aftershock are expecting to see some of the old guard make their appearance, so dudes? Don’t let them down.

This competition also boasts some of the quirkier stuff we’ve seen in local prize pots. First place nets you a Half-Life Headcrab hat on top of a Ttesports Black Element Mouse. And who wouldn’t want a snazzy Headcrab hat, right?

If first-person shooters aren’t your thing, don’t worry. We’ve heard there’s a RTS retro tourney in the pipeline as well…